Saturday, May 2, 2009


Last semester I got two A's on BM and BI,four B's on maths,geography,science end history, not bad eh?.' Hmm.. let's see.2 A's and 4 B's.well done! I am genuinely supprise on your results this semester.Good effort my dear. Next semester I want you gain more effort especially mathematics.My father then put my report card on the table and drank his hot coffee.'I told you hundred times that I can improve my results.I think you forgot one little thing dad.' 'And what would that be my dear ?I shook my head and said to him'It's about our deal which you had promise me before,And don't tell me you forget about it!''I'm not!'.He took Rm200 from his wallet and gave it to me.'Here you go.Just like I had promise you before.''Thanks dad!, I yelled loudly and head to my room.My friend,faith and I are heading down to the mall to buy my new converse shoes and her STUFF!I feel so great that day.'Jennifer!Jennifer! Are you following me?'All of a sudden my dream popped right away after hearing someone calling my name.I turned and saw my english teacher asking me some question.'Are you following me, Jennifer?'.'Umm..yyyess ma'am,I said to her.'Good!So tell me Jennifer,what is your future career or what do you want to be when you grow up?At that point I was totally speechless.'uumm,ummm'.Darn!'Speak up Jennifer!,I said to myself.'Umm what?, suddenly bryan interrupted.Everyone were waiting for me to speak up.'Umm..I haven't decided yet.''Well,you better think about it Jennifere because I want you to all to write an essay about your future carereer and must be less than 180 words.....

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I came to school that morning feeling frustrated and awkward.I don't know why,but for some reasons, I should walked out from that school immediately.You see, I got suspended for one week.All of this because of my stupidity! I made a mistake and yes , I do learned my lessons.But no one seems to understand my situation.People started to judged me and talked behind my back. Fine!They can judged me but they don't know who I really was.All this thing drive me crazy.As if they were all perfect.The moment I made my way to the classroom, everyone paused and stare at me.Some of them welcomed my appearance and most of them said 'this' and 'that'.I almost cried but I hold my self together.I don't know what exactly came over me, I wished I was homeschool.Being left behind,no one seems to understand you even your closest friends.I can't stand what I'm hearing and seeing all this thing running through my head.Home was the first thing I could ever think of when I was in school.Everyday I would glance my watched anxiously. This year would be a tough year fot me and I won't even look back. I won't let those amateur pushed me back.I once made a huge mistake and whenever I think about it I wanted to cried because of my stupidity in the previous time.I don't know why I was acting that way.It took me about two months to recovered all this messed and it still haunting me.If you were in my situation then you know what it feels.No lights were given to you,the path to the light cannot be reached and you have to find it on your owned and lit it back .'Wake up and smell the coffee' ,my brother said to me . Thanks to him, I will follow his footsteps .My brother,Lester, has been my idol since I was kid. I adore him.I will guarentee this year I will improve my grades .Everyday I go to school and walked out from that school.That's it! I'm in and got myself out.I coudn't careless about what people would said about me.And most importantly, I feel very very hapy and through with all those 'stuff''.In fact ,all this thing opened my mind and gave the path negative and positive..Why I kept whining all this stuff? STUPID..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A night to remember..(Doulos)

my first ride...hahaha..

eyes on malaysia.....

maika ,me n floyd...

Monday, December 15, 2008